Are you weary of working with consultants who provide little more than high-priced words and go on their merry way? We’re not consultants, we’re “resultants,” because what we offer are results/outcomes. Our focus is on the business of beer, helping you save money by providing purchasing power via economies of scale in San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties.

Who We Are:

  • Experienced C-suite execs (including CFOs) who have been in your shoes
  • Management professionals who value relationships as much as you do
  • Fresh eyes with the time and know-how to discover new alternatives

Who We Are Not:

  • Fee-hungry consultants with all the answers
  • Self-serving “bad cops” coming to beat up your suppliers and employees

What We Do:

  • Work with you to identify areas for better practices that yield savings
  • Do the heavy lifting — managing the process — so you can focus on other things
  • Let you decide which ideas or alternatives, if any, should be implemented
  • Try to retain every current supplier relationship you want to retain
  • Provide risk-free savings assessments
  • Investigate 50+ cost areas other than compensation and raw materials
  • Save jobs by saving other costs first
  • Share in the initial 12 months of proven savings
  • Prove you can’t lose — by saving money or validating the status quo
  • Show you that “oranges” are not “cheaper apples”

What We Don’t Do:

  • Come in “like a bull in a china shop” with our own agenda to force savings
  • Add to your workload — since you have enough to do already
  • Pressure you to implement ideas/savings to benefit us, not you
  • Seek to bring in our contacts to replace relationships you’re happy with